About Us

BateRpak-Equipment is a leading supplier of  various kinds of package equipment combination by 13 member of factory.Such as Stretch wrapper,Carton Sealer,Carton erector,Carton edge sealer,Strapping machine,Shrink machine,Vacuum sealer,Coding Machine,Injet Printer,Band sealer,handle tools and package consumptions (PP with PET belt, steel,films) according to customer need to design custom packaging assembly line.

Since 2013, we starts to build a sales site in all of world services to cusotmer directlly.

 Value Proposition

Our brand BateRpak, betteR quality,  betteR delivery, betteR price demostrate the 6 key values to customer. 

1)The quality control team in China guarantees the consistency of quality by following the 30 steps of full quality control process.
2)The equipment design are jointly developed and engineered Chinese team for cost saving, quick lead time as well as keeping quality consistency.
3)The warehouse chain in each state make on-time available for urgent or small projects.
4)eCommerce system provides clients to enjoy purchase process with less time and cost. It is the betteR means not only product quality but also service quality.
5)We further provide credit terms as when you buy local made products with our strong financing facility and service out of China.
6)We share the savings by cutting middlemen with builders by offering competitive price over any local vendors of “made in China”products.